What parquet floor to buy?

Who wants to buy a parquet floor, should pay attention to some important criteria. A fundamental first decision must be made between solid wood and multi-layer products. Prefabricated parquet can be laid both floating and glued. Loose panels or sticks must always be glued.

Solid or multi-layer

Parquets with panels, such as the ship's floor parquet, are available in large numbers as pre-finished parquet with tongue and groove technology or as a click parquet. If the parquet floor is made of solid and mostly expensive wood, it can be sanded more than twenty times and thus reach a lifetime of several decades.

In the case of multi-layer parquet, the thickness of the upper wear layer determines the workability and the price. The carrier layer consists of low-cost chipboard and reduces the cost of the parquet floor partially to well below half the cost of a solid wood parquet. The grinding is limited and thus limits the lifetime of the parquet.

Types of wood and degrees of hardness

The type of wood in solid wood parquet has a major influence on the prices of the parquet floor. While faster growing and more abundant native woods such as oak, beech, maple, birch or ash are among the cheaper woods, cherry, walnut acacia, robinia or sweet chestnut are significantly more expensive.

In addition to olive wood, non-European woody plants such as teak, rosewood, mahogany and other tropical woods are the most expensive varieties from which parquet is produced. The hardness of the parquet floor is measured in the unit of measurement Brinell, which describes the penetration depth of different test substances into the wood. The harder the wood used, the more expensive the price.

prices from selected suppliers (as of 2013)

multi-layer prefinished parquet
click parquet plank 1-stripparquet-store24.de26,99 EUR / qm
ship's floor 3-stripparquet-store24.de17,99 EUR / qm
loose solid wood parquet
oak baton herringboneparquet-store24.de57.91 EUR / m²
bamboo panels zebraparquet-store24.de55.90 EUR / qm

property or tenancy

important for the selection of the right one Parquet floor is the life situation. If you want to buy the wooden floor for a condominium or your own house, you have to worry about the expected load and the expected frequency of the work-up. In hired housing, an agreement with the owner is always advised, which is often convincing to participate in a price difference in favor of a higher quality and more durable solution.

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