Extend drawer electrically - practical addition

Especially heavy drawers, which are loaded with the whole range of pots, need a bit of effort to be opened. Some people would like to imagine a drawer that can be electrically extended. Here we show you the practical advantages and disadvantages of an electrically extendable drawer.

Reasons for Electric Drawers

First of all, everyone only thinks of the convenience of very heavy drawers, which an electric puller brings with it. But for elderly or physically handicapped people, an electrically extendable drawer is a great gain in self-employment.

In this way even physically weaker people can live longer alone in their own home, without the need for outside help. Anyone who may have only one arm or no hands due to an accident or a birth defect will greatly appreciate an electrically operated drawer.

For whom is an electrically extendable drawer intended:

  • heavy, large drawers with pots and pans
  • physically restricted persons
  • older, weaker people
  • hygienic aspects

cleanliness through contactless drawers

You can not contaminate the handles of the drawer with your hands Grips do not have to touch first. Thus, the spread of germs and bacteria is already mitigated in advance. This makes a lot of sense especially for drawers for medicines or waste drawers.

If the various waste collection containers are housed in a large drawer, the dirt on the kitchen unit is minimized by an electrically extending drawer, which can easily be released with the elbow or the back of the hand. The kitchen waste is disposed of quickly and hygienically, even with dirty hands.

Disadvantage of electric drawers

Of course, there is also a very significant disadvantage of electrically extendable drawers. In a power outage, as rare as it may seem in this day and age, the drawer can usually no longer be extended. Systems that provide unlocking in case of power failure are also very expensive.

Tips & TricksBecause the electrically extendable drawers are rarely used, they consume very little power at first glance. But that's a mistake, because the drawer is in stand-by mode around the clock. This usually requires relatively much power in such drawers.
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