A leaking cellar endangers the building fabric

If a cellar is leaking, a costly renovation is usually unavoidable. There are sealing methods that can be done from the inside. They are ill but the poor control. On the safe side is only the professional sealing of the outer masonry.

Interior sealing always with risk

A clear indication of a leaky cellar is the ingress of moisture and salt. An independent assessor can measure the type and intensity of moisture penetration. From this he can deduce and determine beyond doubt whether the water penetrates from the outside and the moisture arises inside or outside.

The risk that the leaks were not completely closed after a refurbishment from the inside is high. It should also be noted that water likes to drag itself into walls and does not stop at higher walls, for example on the ground floor. An imperfect interior renovation can be pure optical cosmetics.

Injection method

A method is mainly used to seal the leaky basement from the inside. In the injection method, holes are drilled in the basement floor and cellar walls. Then a sealant is injected through the holes, which spreads to the outer wall of the basement.

A particularly sensitive point is the basement floor, the transition from floor slab to basement walls. If leaks are localized here, they can be additionally "vaccinated" with the injection technique. As the water and moisture migrate through the masonry, locating exact locations is often difficult or impossible.
After the injection procedure, only waiting for the moisture to dry will help. Therefore, for the time being should be dispensed with casing or other sealing work from the inside.

Sustainable external remediation

  • Lift pit around basement walls to floor plate depth
  • Remove damaged masonry, stones, plaster and old sealant
  • Apply two-component thick coating or bituminous membranes
  • Place protective fleece over coating and fill pit with drainage material
Tips & TricksYou should not rely on the Many suppliers who want to seal their basement with an interior coating listen to promises. This is physically and structurally impossible.
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